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Experience & Creativity

This shop is all about customizing to your specific need using high quality products and craftsmanship.


Our Process

Give us a call to discuss your cabinetry needs. Following our conversation we can schedule an onsite visit to discuss design and options as well as a rough estimate.  

I will follow up within 24-48 hours with a written contract and invoice including time lines.  Once you review and sign the contract we are off and running


Our Guarantee

Because we are a completely custom shop, once you hire us we see you through to the end of the project. Even if you decide to add on to or customize during the project.   

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Contact us today to begin discussing your upcoming project.  Please leave a VM if you miss me as I am most likely in the field.

R Parish Designs

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Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday:  Appts only / family time

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About me

R Parish Designs was founded and fueled by a dream in 2003. I was introduced to the trade of woodworking years ago and finally made my decision to pursue if full time.  Now being in business for 15+ years and helping a few hundred families customize their homes, I can say the fulfillment of finishing projects and making families happy has been a great investment. 

I also work very closely with my father who is retired. We work well together and we  are both woodworking enthusiasts. Dad has always been known for his incredible craftsmanship and his attention to detail. We enjoy working in the shop as well as in the field meeting new people.


My wife and I reside in Morgan Hill raising our teenage son and Boston Terrier puppy. We both come from corporate technology backgrounds, however have both always had the passion of entrepreneurship.  
My wife has 13+ years invested at PayPal as an EA, but also runs our family photography business, http://www.CustomSnapShots.com